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ISO 12156-1, ASTM D6097 and CEC F-06-A-96

HFRR Specimen

The lower specimens are made of AISI E-52100 steel and both the raw materials as well as the finished product have been research by the manufacturer on hardness.

Additionally specimens are subjected to roughness analysis and have been tested with the low and high reference fluids by an independent laboratory.

Test specimens are a single use ball and disc which conform to all international diesel fuel test standards. Outside of diesel fuel testing, current HFRR applications include gasoline testing, measuring grease behaviour under boundary conditions, the evaluation of marine engine lubricants and investigations into fretting, both dry and in the presence of lubricant.

High Gloss Medical And Technical Polishing


Through years of experience, Moldclease is a household name in high-gloss and technical-smooth polishing of various materials. Our knowledge is used for a wide variety of applications, such as the medical world, food industry, aviation, semi-conductors and automotive industry. Thanks to our own developed polishing techniques, we are able to achieve optimal results and guarantee the lowest possible results measurable Ra value.

High Precision And Reproducibility Lapping


Flat lapping is suitable for flat parts, where very low roughnesses (microns) are achieved. with the mail goal of high reproducibility, a reduced risk of tension in the material and minimal risk of deformation. Flat lapping is ideal for high-quality and precise parts, where microns make the difference.